Est. 1871

EST. 1871

Village of Harpster

The Village of Harpster was founded in 1871, shortly after the construction of the Illinois Central Railroad.

Located in Ford County, you’ll find the quaint extinct village of Harpster, which had a population of fifty residents as of 1956. Founded in 1871, this small community is served by the nearby Foosland post office. Harpster, IL is situated 5 miles southwest of Gibson City, on US Route 54.

Although Harpster may be just a patch of dirt with a few structures today, 153 years ago, it was a community where people lived, worked, and built their lives. Residents were born, educated, worshipped, raised families, and passed on within this small area.

While Harpster may not be on most maps or officially recognized today, its history is still alive and worth sharing. Lets keep Harpster, IL on the map. Learn more about Harpster’s History!


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Do you have an idea on what we can do with Harpster, IL? This parcel, zoned R3 to allow for multi-family dwellings, features individual utility connections suitable for various residential options such as single family homes, manufactured homes, tiny houses, RVs, and more along a state highway. The future holds possibilities ranging from nothing remarkable to something spectacular.

What innovative ideas do you envision?

Harpster is no longer an official government agency or municipality. This is a private endeavor to preserve and share the history and stories of Harpster, and should not be confused with any official government entity or municipal organization. Harpster is privately owned and managed by Village of Harpster, LLC

A heartfelt thank you to the “Ford County, Illinois Heritage Facebook group, its members and especially to admin Derrick Babbs, for their dedication to preserving history and keeping it alive for future generations.

Your efforts are truly appreciated!

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